I’m a semi-abstract seascape artist, working with acrylics. I work from my art studio and I’m based in the South West of the UK.

I work very intuitively across many pieces at the same time. This helps to keep me loose and playful. My  art has many layers – this helps me to create lovely textures and interest. Each piece is completely unique and I could never recreate a piece of art that I’ve finished as I just go with the flow and add layer after layer. 

Space is an important element of my work and you’ll normally find some white space to give you a place to pause. 

I adore being by the sea, feeling the immense vastness of the ocean and the peace brought by the rhythm of the waves. It brings me a feeling of space and calm as if I’ve come home and can breathe deeply again. It’s this wild peace, raw beauty and vast space that I encapsulate in my work to allow you to feel that connection to the sea in your own home, whenever you need it, encouraging a moment of calm to take a deep breath while you’re transported back to the ebb and flow of the waves.

Louise Levine Seascape Artist in Studio